• Coral Collective

    Medecine Arts for the body and soul 

  • Sometimes it's hard to allow yourself to disconnect from the outside world.

    To pause, to breathe, and to tune in to your inner world.


    We help you connect to your inner processes. We know that this road is not a straight line, so we travel through different elements to choose the right tools. We open the dialogue between the body and the soul, and accept pain as an important agent of change.

  • Tarot Readings

    air - Words, Decisions, Directions

    Tarot cards shine a light on the crossroads. They help us take a step back from our own lives and look at the paths all around us. There are always hidden paths, paths that seemed easier but are not, and paths we stumble upon again and again.The cards deal out fresh ideas for old problems, advice and surprises.

    Shiatsu & Acupuncture

    earth - Body, Health

    Shiatsu and Acupuncture go right to the key energy centres of the body, stimulating the organism to self-regulate. They are used both for preventing illnesses, by working on the psycho-emotional system, as for treating acute and chronic pain.

    Talisman Tattoos

    fire - Metamorphosis, Creativity

    Our tattoos are talismans : visible portals into the invisible. They are unique and made during a ritual. We charge them with intention, energy and light. With our needles, we open a door.


    "The wound is the place where the Light enters you."


    Mural Paintings

    water - Emotions, Sensitivity

    Beauty is a powerful healer in our daily lives. It leaves imprints on our unconscious. Wherever the wall is, a mural painting is a community gift. The wall becomes a presence. Its space takes on a new meaning, with a distinct impact on its social surroundings.

  • Combinations


    All therapies are complementary, giving their support to the body, the mind, the soul, the energetic field.

    Here are some combinations we like to work with.

    Feel free to imagine others...

    Clear Focus

    - 3-card Tarot Reading
    - 40 min Shiatsu session

    Diving Deep

    - 1h Tarot Reading
    - 1h30 Shiatsu Massage & Acupuncture
    - Talisman tattoo

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  • About

    Luz & Joy


    Luz Guevara was born in the windswept planes of Patagonia. She studied Architecture and graduated as an Arts teacher near Buenos Aires, while experimenting with tattooing under the repeated appeals of her friends. She is a passionate tango dancer and teacher, and has illustrated a tango manual. Her travels took her to Uruguay and Brazil, where she lives since 2013, working with tattoos and mural paintings. She moved to the beautiful town of Alto Paraiso, in the heart of the national Park Chapada dos Veadeiros in the centre of Brasil, and qualified as acupuncturist and shiatsu therapist.

    Joy Thunder grew up close to a forest, near Paris. She once decided to spend her whole life traveling the world, and started by traveling to South America. She learned tattooing while exploring Paraguay, painted a deck of tarot cards in Brazil, wrote a book, and painted countless watercolours. She returned to Europe to learn magic from the plants and the lands of her ancestors. She moved to the sacred land of Avalon and started to work with sexual energy through tarot readings, women's circles and Sex Magic circles.


    Luz and Joy met on what is known as the Magic Island (no, really!). They had just started tattooing, and were curious about all the stuff nobody talked about : during tattoo sessions, there were always earthquakes, transmutations, and many invisible things shifting. They explored different tools to understand and canalise this energy, evolving towards tattoo rituals using cards, plants and acupuncture needles.

    Luz's website, instagram and facebook
    Joy's website, instagram and facebook